Tenmat HQ Manchester

FEROBIDE is the latest TENMAT invention and destined to change the wear parts industry once again.

The TENMAT success story began more than 100 years ago in Trafford Park, one of the first planned industrial estates in the world and still the largest of its kind in Europe. It has been here at TENMAT, where some of the world’s first advanced composite materials were developed, manufactured and supplied to a diverse customer base around the globe.

Since the 1990’s the company has experienced unparalleled growth, expanding to become a multinational corporation with a firm presence in the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, the USA, Germany, and France. As part of a carefully planned expansion, TENMAT acquired Railko Ltd. in 2006, further strengthening its leading position in the rail and marine markets.

Today, TENMAT is part of Diamorph AB and employs over 300 people worldwide in the manufacturing and distribution of technically advanced materials and components. The key to TENMAT’s sustained success has been continuous material innovation and product diversification. Through extensive market research and dialogue with end-users, the company identified the acute need in the marketplace for a new wear protection material that combines significant impact resistance with a long lifetime in abrasive applications alongside weldability.

The breakthrough came for TENMAT scientists in the form of FEROBIDE. This revolutionary material enables end-users to now maintain a high performance output whilst simultaneously protecting expensive working parts from premature wear. To meet tomorrow’s needs for innovative solutions, TENMAT operates a state-of-the-art in-house R&D laboratory and continuously develops highest quality products.

You can count on TENMAT to deliver the next generation of advanced materials for the world’s most demanding applications.