Agricultural applications face many different challenging wear situations. Ferobide has showed its capabilities in ground engaging applications on subsoilers, cultivators, ploughs, harrows and drills as well as on scrapers.

Ferobide is also very complimentary to regular tungsten carbide tipped tools where Ferobide is used to protect the steel parts of the tool to balance the wear rates and reach a significantly improved life span.

In all soil types fit Ferobide to:

  • All scrapers

  • Behind regular tungsten

  • The sides of subsoiler legs

  • The sides of cultivator legs

  • The front of subsoiler shins

  • Straw rake tines

  • Many types of drill coulters

  • Manure spreader beaters

On land with no stone fit Ferobide to:

  • Power harrow tines

  • Subsoiler points and wings

  • Plough points and wings

  • Cultivator points

  • Bed tiller tines

  • Beet harvester turbine tines

  • Beet harvester shares

  • Sugar cane harvester base cutters


Some of the best applications for Ferobide is for use in conjunction with conventional tungsten. They are very complimentary to each other.

Ferobide is not to be used in above ground an high speed applications, e.g. toppers, hedge flails, etc.

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Best Applications

250 Acres on a 5m Cultivator

The point below would typically complete 250 acres on a 5 metre cultivator before wearing out. After applying Ferobide behind the tungsten in 3 rows this point has already completed 650 acres.

Working in Stone Free Soil

These tines are working in stone free, abrasive soil. The Ferobide has proved very effective resulting in satisfied farmers and operators.


When using heavy cultivators with narrow points, leg wear is often a problem, as seen on the right. Ferobide is welded quickly and cost effectively directly to the area of wear on the side. Ferobide is a proven solution, as shown on the right.

Combat Side Wear

Combat Side Wear