Drag Chain Applications


Ferobide performs very well in sliding abrasion as found on drag chain applications.On conveyor flights Ferobide can give a life increase of 100x that of hardened steels when sliding against a steel counterface. In practice this means that conveyor flights will last the life of the chain – improving uptime and lowering costs. Ferobide also helps reduce friction in the application which reduce stresses on chain links and ultimately increases life of the chain as well.

On dragline chains for excavators, Ferobide can provide a lightweight wear protection option. Since Ferobide would typically last 5-6 times longer than conventional “chocky blocks” the thickness and therefore weight can be reduced significantly, or conversely the life of the wear protection can be increased without adding extra weight.

The difference widths in the standard product range makes Ferobide suitable for a wide range of chain designs with no additional adaptation required.

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Chains for Excavators