The mining and construction industries face a lot of applications facing high levels of wear rates. Ferobide is a material that can improve life spans and service intervals in sliding wear applications like those found on skid plates, buckets, cutterheads and similar.

Tunnel Boring Machines

On tunnel boring machines, TBMs, Ferobide has successfully been used to protect areas of the cutterhead in the Swedish Hallandsåsen tunnel project. It presents a long lasting and weldable option to conventional hardened steels and hardfacing rods, saving significant time on maintenance.

For road maintenance, Ferobide can for example be used on height adjustment skids and similar components that scrape against the surface of the road.

On longwall mining chains, Ferobide presents a long lasting option for steel-on-steel sliding surfaces ensuring flight bars last longer while reducing wear on the counterface and reducing friction and therefore the power required to operate the chains.

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Longwall Mining Chains