Welding Ferobide creates a strong joint, capable of reaching 360 MPa shear strength which is stronger than a typical braze joint. Welding Ferobide maintains hardness of host metal, with a minimal heat affected zone. By maintaining hardness of the underlying steel, the wear resistance of the entire system is ensured. Ferobide is a very cost effective product when used and welded correctly. Below are some guidelines to assist you:

  • MIG/stick weld, 120 amps, dissimilar wire/rod gives best result.
  • Clamp tile down when tacking, if one end curls up the tile will crack
  • Tack in the middle of tile length if needed, weld outwards from the middle
  • Don’t hesitate when welding, so as to avoid heat build up
  • Do no quench after welding
  • If risk of weld erosion, chamfer host metal so welds can be hidden
  • Do not fit to leading edges in high impact applications


Always wear full PPE when welding!